SMB Farm Supply Catalogue - 2021 Edition

These parts are designed exclusively to fit the Hydrator Float Valve 3/4” MPT 46L/min @ 50psi Heavy Duty Nylon Construction HFV34 Complete Float Assembly HFV34-01 Complete Valve HFV34-05 Plunger HFV34-09 Lower Adjustment Arm HFV34-02 Cap HFV34-06 Plunger Seat HFV34-10 Plastic SB114-SS Stainless Steel Thumb Screw HFV34-03 Back Valve Body HFV34-07 Pin HFV34-11 Brass Stem Connector HFV34-04 Front Valve Body HFV34-08 Top Arm HFV34-12 Stainless Steel Stem HFV34-13 Float Ball HYDRATOR FLOAT VALVES 56 To order call 800-663-3955 , fax 519-669-1022 or email HEATED BOWLS, FLOATS, STOCK TANKS & TIP TANKS