SMB Farm Supply Catalogue - 2021 Edition

GRIPPLE SYSTEM GRIPPLE PLUS GRIPPLE TEE CLIP GRIPPLE PLUS BRACE KIT ACCESSORIES GRIPPLE BARBED WIRE JOINER Why use Gripple? Considerable time and cost savings on your project. Simplified installation, maintenance, and repair. Strong, long-lasting products. A complete solution for a wide range of applications. Up to 5 times faster than knotting. Ideal for awkward, tight spaces, particularly horse fencing. Neat, professional finish. Simple twist and push fit - ideal for use with very hard wires where knotting is cumbersome. Suitable for wooden and metal post bracing • High load capacity • Easily re-tensioned year-after-year • Manufactured with zinc aluminum cable for corrosion resistance • Consistent, professional finish A large diameter wire joiner, works great for barbed wire joining, allowing for steel wire patching & wire tensioning in fencing applications. Eliminating the task of knotting barbed wire. Features and Benefits Join and tension in one • Eliminates tying/knotting wires, reducing installation time • Ideal for use on high tensile and mild steel wire • Designed for high load holding and corrosion resistance • Easily re-tensioned year-after-year WIRE GRIPPLES Small Gripple Plus 17-14 Gauge Wire. 660 lb/ 300kg Max working load. 140-231 10/ bag, 10 bags/ box Gripple BeFast Brace Kit A ready-to-use kit comprising a pre-cut, fused length of cable and a Gripple Plus tensioner. 140-237 Sold individually, 10/box Gripple Blue Flag Release Key Setting key with keyring attachment, for the adjustment and re- lease of Gripple Fasteners, pre-load. 140-238 2/bag, 10bags/box Gripple Twisters The Gripple Twister secures tail/ tag wires to create an aesthetic, hazard-free finish. 140-232WT 100/bag, 10bags/box Barb Gripple 2 x 12-1/2 Gauge Wire 660 lb/ 300kg Max working load 140-234 Medium Gripple Plus 14-10 Gauge Wire. 880 lb/ 400kg Max working load. 140-232 10/ bag, 10 bags/ box 140-232A 200/ jar Gripple Medium Tee Connector 10-14 Gauge Wire 140-232T-10 10/ bag, 10 bags/ box 140-232T 150/ jar Large Gripple Plus 10-7.5 Gauge Wire 1320 lb/ 600kg Max working load. 140-233 10/ bag, 10 bags/ box Jumbo Gripple Plus 1/8" Wire range 1320 lb/ 600kg Max working load. 140-233A 10/ bag, 12 bags/ box 256 To order call 800-663-3955 , fax 519-669-1022 or email FENCING - GATE HANDLES, CONNECTORS, TENSIONERS, TOOLS